Michelle TonesZ (MTonesZ) is an international singer, songwriter, entertainer and producer in the international and Australian music scene. She was born in East Africa and is of Portuguese and Indian heritage.

At the early age of 9 months, she escaped with her family from civil war in Uganda to England. Her music is deeply influenced by the confluence of cultures and diversity of experiences she’s endured.

Strongly influenced by her parents love of Indigenous, European, Western and Asian music and culture, she was encouraged by Australian arranger and composer Robert John Sedky to continue to pursue her dream and release her original songs. She then teamed up with Los Angeles and Australian producer ARIA award winner Paul Wiltshire.

Her stunning vocals, uplifting music and unique visuals send us a powerful and challenging message, reminding us of the deep connection between nature, the earth and ourselves as sacred human beings. Through her music, MTonesZ invites us to honour and contemplate our relationship with ourselves and nature.  She encourages us to take action to save our planet’s golden resources.

She believes music is a healing medicine for all people. She believes we are made up of vibration and therefore tone in music can activate many types of healing for people.

MTonesZ  music encourages people to explore their consciousness and create empowerment for positive social and environmental change. Her worldly journey and personal experiences are vividly reflected in her singing, songwriting and visual expression.

MTonesZ songs are an intricate and wonderful blend between world and modern pop music. Her majestic tone, exotic presence and innovative music create a bold New World Pop genre that is both captivating and energetic.

She is truly a versatile artist, just at ease performing and getting the crowd on dance floors at corporate parties as she is at serenading guests at a wedding or helping you honour the memory of a loved one at funerals. She is professional, sensitive and memorable in all she does.